On guard

October 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Usually, snakes, particularly young ones, are forever on the move, but this small Garter Snake, which I noticed a week ago staking a claim to the "Endless Summer" Hydrangea flowers, is still putting in an appearance just about every day in an aerie about three feet off the ground. Sometimes, the serpent appears on the soil next to the shrub, and earlier in the week I spotted the reptile nestled on a Sensitive Fern frond. But clearly, it likes the immediate area, and there must be enough food and shelter for the critter to keep it in the neighborhood. With the weather remaining warm, my guess is that the flower guardian will stay on post in the flower garden for a while longer before the snake has to seek subterranean shelter from the cold, which, happily, is abundant nearby in our collection of rock walls and fallen logs.


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