Suet robber

December 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Periodically, the suet in the suet feeder disappears mysteriously, and, on occasion, the feeder has vanished as well. Usually, the wire-mesh holder—we used to use a genuine "fat sack"—wasn't too far from the tree, but there was a time in the fall of 2017 when I actually gave up the feeder for gone and wondered whether a raccoon or perhaps even a peripatetic bear had dragged off the contraption. No doubt after devouring the calorie-laden treat inside the mesh, the thief spent ecstatic moments licking fat off the coated wires. I did, however, find the feeder eventually—it was buried in the leaf litter about 20 feet south of the maple that had long held it—but the perpetrator remained unknown. Until, in all likelihood, today. While it's possible, of course, that this Gray Squirrel has other partners in crime, I'm guessing, based on its artful acrobatics, that we've found our thief. For purposes of identification, I offer a mug shot.


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