Wild goose chase

December 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Just before the holiday, the Rare Bird Alerts were alive with the news that a very rare Pink-footed Goose, a species normally found in Europe, had not only made it to North America, but the darn thing was practically hanging out in my backyard. I didn't have time to go "goosing" until this afternoon, and when I arrived, there wasn't much to see, beyond several also hopeful birders. Suddenly, the northern sky was darkened by a flock of geese, no doubt Canadas, but inside that group, perhaps, just perhaps, was a Pink-footed hobnobbing with kin. Maybe the wayward bird was even asking for directions home. Alas, when the individual geese flew into view and deployed their landing gear, the rare bird was not among them. Maybe tomorrow.


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