Getting still warmer

February 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Remember that this is February, not, as would be nice but hardly remarkable, April. Remember that when you open the door in the month that is supposed to be the heart of winter, you're supposed to struggle against the cold, or, at the very least, feel a definite chill. And remember that if there is any sign of earth whatsoever in what is supposed to be a sea of white, everything, save a few Skunk Cabbage flowers, that is buried in the dirt is most likely fast asleep. But remembering won't let you make sense of the current conditions, even though it will help reckon the natural world's response. There are lots of hardy plants and animals out there, and no sooner do they sense the increasing light than they are ready to take advantage of any warmth, timely or otherwise, and begin to grow, maybe even prosper. So it was that the first crocuses joined the garden hit parade. After much gnashing of teeth and research, I decided earlier to take the plunge and get a new 85mm micro lens; it arrived today, and I was ready to capture a closer look at the insanity, meteorological and floral.


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