The floral vanguard

February 03, 2017  •  1 Comment

Witch hazel opening, HomeWitch hazel opening, Home

In advance of one of my all-time favorite traditions—my oldest friends' party in honor of Groundhog Day—I was combing through some pictures, and I noticed that last year, on this very date, we had hellebore, aconite, and Witch Hazel flowers in full and glorious bloom. That, of course, sent me on a mission, and so, armed with the 55mm micro lens, I combed the gardens in search of blossoms. Despite the relative warmth, none of the bulbs decided to be adventurous, but when I got to the red, spring-flowering Witch Hazel, I noticed that at least a few were in the floral vanguard. I also spotted several craneflies in the air, so the earliest of flowers may have been able to attract a handful of brave and hardy pollinators. If this close-to-spring weather keeps up, the Witch Hazels will soon be visited by the first of the fat-bodied and "warm-blooded" Owlet moths that will help with the pollination duties. I don't like to even harbor this thought, but maybe real winter is not going to ever arrive in 2017. Maybe I'm waiting in vain... drat!


But today they're forecasting snow for Thursday. As the cliche says, go figure.
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