Great expectations

August 29, 2017  •  1 Comment

One of the hallmarks of late August, when summer has really begun turning towards autumn, is the appearance in the woods of a group of colorful, small spiders that look like arrowheads designed by the psychedelic artist Peter Max. The most vibrant of the Micrathenas is the Arrowheaded Spider, Micrathena sagittata. I've got better images of this species, but I liked the shot, which I took around 10 this evening, because it also includes a tiny Spring Peeper perched on a Hydrangea leaf. For the past week or so, every night walk to these garden shrubs has yielded a Peeper or two resting on the foliage, and this one was hanging out by M. sagittata's orb web, from which she descended to size up the situation. The meeting place might have been coincidental, or, I suppose, one or both of the critters could have had an unlikely dinner in mind. In any event, in short order, reality returned. The frog found another leaf; the spider reeled herself back into her web to wait for more suitable prey, such as leafhoppers and the like.


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