Unexpected appearance

February 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Several months ago, I put together a terrarium that would house my collection of mosses in various containers living on the table surrounding the kitchen sink. The move was both aesthetic and strategic: a terrarium can be beautiful, and it would also help save my marriage, since my long-suffering wife Pam was getting increasingly long-suffering... and annoyed... every time she looked at the moss-holding jars. So, right before my surgery, I went to work, and the result is, I have to admit, what-did-you-wait-for? gorgeous. This morning, when I lifted the lid to check on the terrarium's relative humidity, I got a surprise: out flew a fully mature Crane Fly that had gone through its larva-hood in the soil under each moss. I don't know the Tipulid's precise identification—just what I need... another group of obscure insects to try to master—but I am happy to have been the unexpected fly's birth assistant.


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