Back on the guiding trail

April 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Under normal circumstances, I'd be able to highlight, oh, at least one public natural history walk or school session that I'd lead each month. But there's been nothing normal about my life for the past, post-heart-surgery half-year. However, I have gradually improved, and, with a couple of co-leaders, I decided to try my hand... and feet... to say nothing of my brain... at the public environmental education biz. I made my return to the fold this morning at my old (gently) stomping ground, the Thomas Miner Preserve, and in the mud and gloom of a morning considerably brightened by the enthusiasm of the small crowd, I did OK. An Ovenbird and a Song Sparrow cooperated, as did the mosses, blooming Spicebush, and an emerging American Toad.


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