April 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

While my granddaughter Stasia is often the featured child on these pages—maybe the too-featured child—I do have three other grandkids, all boys. Had I started this blog much, much earlier, the grandsons... now all firmly encamped in adolescence... would have gotten center-stage. But even though they're usually going their own ways, my youngest grandson Luc is still my go-to partner when it comes to all things batrachian. Luc loves frogs, and he doesn't mind in the slightest getting his hands... and his feet... wet. So tonight, with the Spring Peepers absolutely deafening at the nearby North Stonington Land Alliance's newly minted Samuel Cote Preserve, I took my partner out into the wet meadow that hides a productive vernal pool and we scoured the area for peepers and courting American Toads. This was a great, great dusk expedition and Luc caught at least a dozen of the usually elusive peepers, including, to his great joy, one for each hand.


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