Heronry hatchlings

May 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The morning was murky and threatening, but I put the raincoats on the 85mm micro and 100-400mm mini-supertelephoto lens and hazarded a trip to the Henne preserve to see if we were blessed with scads of warblers and other migrant songbirds. As it happened, the travelers were sitting tight and waiting for better conditions—no surprise there—but the local marshland residents were not letting the dankness get to them. The five Great Blue Heron nests were, periodically, hopping with activity, as the gangly, long-legged birds flew in and out, one parent bearing food for the other... and for the kids, now occasionally visible over the rim of the nursery. In this particular nest, there's at least one nestling that I drew attention to for my weekly newspaper column, but when looked more closely, I realized that there were in fact two young herons, the second just visible to the left of the more obvious youngster. Soon enough, the kids will be standing up and demanding more food. Hopefully, the parents will be up to the task and the marshland will be generous.


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