Every day, if the weather is reasonable, which is to say not pouring (and sometimes even then), I try to start the morning with a walk through the woods and fields near home—a trek that includes many, many stops to photograph the natural history I find along the way. There can be a second "nature hike" when I break for lunch, and there are days when I'm outdoors keeping tabs on the natural world from dawn to dusk, as well as after dark. I've made my living as a photojournalist, specializing in science and medicine, for more than 39 years, and documenting nature in pictures and words has long been a passion. Every day brings a new discovery. Every day, I'll try to post the best one.

Getting still warmer

February 24, 2017
Remember that this is February, not, as would be nice but hardly remarkable, April. Remember that when you open the door in the month that is supposed to be the heart of...
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Prim and improperly early

February 23, 2017
Warmer still today, and with the snow just about gone, it's now possible to scan the newly uncovered ground for more signs of emerging plant life. I'd spotted the first l...
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The last ski trek

February 22, 2017
George Washington, this country's first president, was actually born today, and to mark his 285th birthday—the official celebration is now part of Presidents Day on the t...
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Getting warmer

February 21, 2017
Yesterday, there was quiet to greet the sun; this morning, it's chickadees giving their "pee... dee..." calls, titmice sweetening the dawn with "Peter... Peter... Peter..
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Aconite quick start

February 20, 2017
The recent warming trend is continuing, and maybe Phil the Groundhog, whose "six more weeks of winter" prediction seemed insane at the time but prescient once a series of...
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