Every day, if the weather is reasonable, which is to say not pouring (and sometimes even then), I try to start the morning with a walk through the woods and fields near home—a trek that includes many, many stops to photograph the natural history I find along the way. There can be a second "nature hike" when I break for lunch, and there are days when I'm outdoors keeping tabs on the natural world from dawn to dusk, as well as after dark. I've made my living as a photojournalist, specializing in science and medicine, for more than 39 years, and documenting nature in pictures and words has long been a passion. Every day brings a new discovery. Every day, I'll try to post the best one.

Conjoined leaf twins

November 18, 2017
Right after the first frost, which actually occurred on the 9th of November, that morning warmed up quickly, and, in the vast majority of cases, there was no damage done...
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I'm back

November 17, 2017
A month is long enough. Heck, this hiatus was only supposed to be a couple of weeks, but Mother Human Nature had a trick up her proverbial sleeve. On the 24th of October,...
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Taking a short break

October 17, 2017
Dear Friends, due to all too foreseen circumstances, I'm going to have to take a short break from this blogging endeavor. I'll be offline for the next couple of weeks but...
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Yet more mimicry

October 16, 2017
This has been, so far... and I'm pretty sure this summation will prove true for the rest of 2017... an off year for odonates. But this didn't keep me out of the field—not...
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Contemplating robbery

October 15, 2017
When I spotted what I figured was one of the vast collection of predatory insects known as Robber Flies on a Hydrangea leaf, I had scant hope that the Asilid would still...
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