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Every day, if the weather is reasonable, which is to say not pouring (and sometimes even then), I try to start the morning with a walk through the woods and fields near home—a trek that includes many, many stops to photograph the natural history I find along the way. There can be a second "nature hike" when I break for lunch, and there are days when I'm outdoors keeping tabs on the natural world from dawn to dusk, as well as after dark. I've made my living as a photojournalist, specializing in science and medicine, for more than 39 years, and documenting nature in pictures and words has long been a passion. Every day brings a new discovery. Every day, I'll try to post the best one.

Deadly ID

August 08, 2018
A couple of weeks ago, I received a splendid review book from the Princeton University Press. The Bees in Your Backyard: A Guide to North America's Bees is a wonderfully...
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Sociable climber

August 07, 2018
It was a long day on the road, since we had to temporarily bring Stasia back towards home—we've been meeting halfway outside of Boston for the handoff—and the drive left...
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The poke tree

August 05, 2018
The American Pokeweed, a.k.a. Phytolacca americana, is a native problem and opportunity. As is clear from this photo of my granddaughter Stasia hefting one of the monster...
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Easy parking

August 05, 2018
Going to the beach on a hot Sunday summer morning was probably an act of insanity, even though I had left early enough to avoid traffic, but since my destination was Napa...
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Walking stick year?

August 04, 2018
I've been shooting digital images for at least 15 years, and during that time span, I've almost never seen—or photographed—a "walking stick," as these twig-resembling mem...
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