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Every day, if the weather is reasonable, which is to say not pouring (and sometimes even then), I try to start the morning with a walk through the woods and fields near home—a trek that includes many, many stops to photograph the natural history I find along the way. There can be a second "nature hike" when I break for lunch, and there are days when I'm outdoors keeping tabs on the natural world from dawn to dusk, as well as after dark. I've made my living as a photojournalist, specializing in science and medicine, for more than 39 years, and documenting nature in pictures and words has long been a passion. Every day brings a new discovery. Every day, I'll try to post the best one.

Unexpected delight

January 10, 2021
I hadn't expected to have to take this much time off, but my recovery from my latest heart surgery was much more consuming than I imagined. And there was a lot more to de...
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Leafy jealousy

November 20, 2020
It was grocery shopping day, and before I hit the stores, I stopped at Wilcox Park in the center of Westerly to take advantage of a beautiful walking trail that's a littl...
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Reappearing old friend

November 19, 2020
For a day that started off frightfully cold—it was 18 at daybreak—things warmed up fast, and by evening, it was pushing 50 and enticing at least a few invertebrates out o...
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Another new morning

November 18, 2020
Once again, I vowed not to fall behind... and once again, life and cardiac rehab intervened. When I had my heart re-repaired I figured that I'd be fine in a week—somethin...
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Surprise survivor

November 17, 2020
During my eight, quarter-mile laps of the Wheeler High School running track, I try not to see anything that would encourage me to stop walking. But I do take mental note...
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