Snake in the... hydrangeas

October 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I didn't really have much time to trek today, but, on a writing break this afternoon, I at least made a circuit of the yard. I didn't see much, and I was beginning to fear that today's post was going to be pretty dull. However, as I was walking by the hydrangeas, I just happened to notice what I thought was a pair of dark eyes watching me. I stopped and very carefully edged towards what I seemed to have spotted, and sure enough, the eyes were attached to a young Garter Snake that had coiled itself around a less-than-prime flower cluster. The serpent wasn't moving very much, and I'm guessing it was waiting in ambush for any passing frogs or katydids that might also consider using the plant for a supermarket. The stealthy snake proved the perfect model for my 85mm micro portrait lens.



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