A star is re-born

December 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Officially, I've always considered myself to be Jewish, but I've also adopted my wife's local customs, which include celebrating Christmas in all its glory. The house is decorated, the wreaths are hung, there's pine roping everywhere, and, of course, there's a tree... a real one, to be sure. Every year, one of my favorite activities is to put up an ornament I procured decades ago: a 26-pointed Moravian Star, made entirely out of paper, by deft craftspeople I met at a church in Bethlehem... OK, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I think I bought it pre-Christmas in 1981, and though it weathered well enough, last year we had a cat-induced disaster that brought the heavily decorated tree to the floor. A number of glass ornaments were shattered, and the brittle Moravian Star fell apart, hopelessly beyond repair. I missed the ornament and even thought about making the journey to eastern PA to buy a new one. I hadn't even thought about going online, but, fortunately, my son Noah did. The gift almost brought my wife to tears. Me, too.



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