Summer's endgame

September 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This is always the saddest day of the year: the last day the lake we frequent is open for business. And this was a sadder experience than is typical, because, as a result of the angiogram I had last week, I wasn't allowed to go into the water... one last time. I had to be content watching everyone else enjoy a final freshwater dip, and, as usual, document those final plunges at Amos Lake. To be sure, I'll soon be cleared to go to the ocean beaches and dive into the still warm water, and, in truth, it's been unnaturally chilly, so the lake water was not exactly inviting. But hey, I love this little slice of old-fashioned heaven, and, at the behest of my grandson Luc, who always wants me to accompany him on his swimming adventures, I would certainly have thrown caution and wisdom to the winds and jumped in. Well, eased in. In my dotage, I'm no longer a jumper.



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