Cabin fever cure

January 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I don't normally post images of non-natural-history here, but the day got way ahead of me, what with wiring in a new light fixture, gathering firewood, and going for a four-mile trek that, because it was part of my cardiac rehab program, required that I walked fast and didn't stop for pondering the natural world and photographing anything intriguing I saw along the way. This is, of course, a species of torture, but, I'm told, the rewards will soon be worth it. I hope so. In any event, the time was not spent entirely camera-less. That night, Pam and I went to Wheeler Library, the cultural hub of our town, to enjoy a cure for cabin fever by a local bluegrass band named, appropriately enough, Cabin Fever. This is the fourth winter we've caught them at the library, and this group of old friends, none of whom have quit their day jobs, puts together a fine collection of "bar rated bluegrass and gospel for the unholy." They say it'll cure what ails ya. For one night, at least, it certainly did.


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