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February 23, 2018  •  1 Comment

Deer herbivoryDeer herbivory

I love deer, and I still get a thrill from watching a herd graze the edge of a field... a distant herd. However, playing host to a herd of a mammals that many people around here refer to as "hoofed rats" is never something I want to experience, but sometime between dusk last evening and dawn this morning I had at least one visitor with, alas, a dietary preference for garden flowers. At times, there are so many plants in bloom that I don't begrudge the deer a blossom or two. Today, I was less than generous, and when I discovered that a deer or two... or three or more... had come right up to the house and devoured the almost-flowering crocuses, I said a few things that were not charitable. Or printable.


I gave up on crocus and tulips long ago.This winter there was nobody to spray (organically) the rhodies and hollies, I have carved bushes. The critters even nibbled the boxwood, a course not usually on their menu.
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