Owl watching

March 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I suspected I wouldn't be the only local organism interested in the activities at the Great Horned Owl nest I discovered recently, and today, while I was watching Mama GHO calmly incubate her eggs—there's no sign of chicks yet—I heard one of the resident Red-shouldered Hawks screaming as the raptor flew a series of ever-descending circles. I don't think there was anything random about this flying maneuver, because, soon enough, the hawk was flying right over the owl nursery. Given the RSH's agility, I'm sure it could have swooped in between the tree limbs for a closer look at this fierce mama whose diet, while typically relying on small mammals, can also include just about anything, including, perhaps, Red-shouldered chicks and even adults. But the raptor kept its distance, and the owl, no doubt showing who's boss around here now, didn't so much as bother to look up as the RSH passed overhead. With any luck, there'll be a truce somehow declared, and neither species will have to be concerned with the other. They can both cast uneasy glances towards the local crows... and naturalists.


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