Not quite dynamic duo

April 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When I spotted the first Great Horned Owlet several days ago, I thought that it might not be alone. But no matter how long I looked... and no matter how many pictures I took from every conceivable angle... I couldn't establish, with anything approaching certainty, that it was anything other than an only child. On today's nursery visit, however, I saw two heads—one, looking directly at the intruder; the other, focused in the opposite direction. They're clearly different sizes, which is to be expected, since GHOs begin the incubation process as soon as the first egg is laid and lay each egg a couple of days apart. This means that the hatching dates are also staggered, so the size difference is neither a sign of sexual dimorphism—the females are bigger than the males—nor an illusion. I think two owlets is the complete brood.


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