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Who's fooling whom?

April 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

If Winter Storm Wilbur—yet another post-winter nor'easter—was forecast to arrive yesterday, I would have laughed it off as an artfully conceived April Fool's Day prank. But Wilbur turned out to be the real deal and packed more of a snow-punch than the last two gales, which proved major disappointments (unless, of course, you loathe snow). In a very short time in the morning, we got more than four inches of the white stuff. It completely blanketed the ground and clung to every tree limb, making for a very pretty scene. It was over by noon, the sun came out, and most of the accumulation was soon melting away into what for many was a bitter memory. I don't know if the early Iris hold any weather-related grudges, but these beautiful blossoms couldn't have been happy. Still, they're remarkably hardy, so, annoyed or not, there was no damage done.


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