Bee magnet

May 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

One of my favorite stories in Stalking the Healthful Herbs, a third of the trilogy of famous foraging books by Euell Gibbons, is titled "Listen to the Basswood Tree." It's about how you can find a Basswood by your ears alone since, when it flowers, the tree is so attractive to bees that Tilia americana actually has a voice... a loud voice. The tree isn't alone in issuing an audible mating call. The dense spires of Horse-chestnut flowers do the same thing, and when I walked by one of the tall trees in full bloom near the house, I could hear a buzzing choir of bumblebees and honeybees, each one working the flowers for pollen and nectar, each one making possible the horse-chestnuts that would carry on the species. Euell would have been happy to hear the show.


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