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Many moccasins

May 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

If Imelda Marcos, that infamous collector of footwear, had manifested a fancy for moccasins, even she would have been overwhelmed by the number we discovered growing near my daughter's house. Someone who walked by the road told us that we'd be stunned, and that was no exaggeration. In a typical year around our neck of the woods, we'll find perhaps a half dozen of the gorgeous pink orchids, whose pouch-like flowers resemble female footwear, hence the common name, Lady's Slipper. But in one magically favored stretch of pine woods, we counted roughly three dozen blooming plants, and later, when we ran into one of the owners of what could properly be described as a Cypripedium acaule refuge, we were told that, actually, there were at least a hundred more in the deeper, but still sun-dappled, forest. What a gift.


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