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Spark and court

May 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I trekked the Thomas Miner preserve earlier in the month in the hope of spotting the refuge's signature bird: the Bobolink. These State-listed gems are rapidly declining in numbers because their required breeding sites—undisturbed grasslands—are in short supply and disappearing. Miner has a large meadow area, and those 20-plus acres of unmowed field are a magnet for Bobolinks. On my earlier jaunt, I came up empty, since, like everything else this spring, "late" was the word. A week ago, however, I got a note that the birds were back from migration, so on this pretty dismal afternoon, I risked the chance of showers and paid Miner a visit. It was more than worth it. The rain held off, and the field was full of birds: the males displaying their striking colors, singing up a storm, and chasing the ladies, no doubt in the hope of convincing them to mate.


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