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Back to the lake

June 30, 2018  •  1 Comment

As a sign of just how chilly the spring and early summer have been, I have not been to the lake until this afternoon. After summer weather was beginning to look like it would never arrive, a serious heat wave is definitely upon us and I knew that the water was going to feel great. I was, however, surprised by how cool it felt, and even though I was finally able to immerse myself, I was pretty disheartened to discover that I just couldn't stay in the drink for very long. Stasia was, alas, more than a little disappointed when I had to make an exit. I was pretty disappointed too. Fortunately, Stasia's dad showed up and took over the role of Lifter-in-Chief.


The ocean in Oregon is too cold for anything more than toe-dipping . Yesterday the families built an enormous sand "city" at low tide and watched as the tide encroached into rivers and washed over peaks and constructions.
Today, it's too cold to loiter. but beautiful to watch the waves which pile in differently from our East coast waves: six at a time, not just one-by-one.

Enjoy Stasia as I am enjoying the exuberance of my almost eight-year-old great grand, Clara.
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