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Toad catcher

July 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When Stasia decided that she wanted to try photography this past spring, she took to it almost instantly and I thought we might have a dedicated shutterbug on our hands. But after the initial excitement, she didn't really express any desire to continue picture-taking on her subsequent visits. As she accompanied me on my daily photographic rounds right after lunch, I suggested that we fire up the ancient Fuji 3800 and Stasia was quite amenable. We at first concentrated on flowers and bumblebees, and then discovered a cooperative Pickerel Frog by the woodpile. As we both captured the frog, we noticed an even more cooperative American Toad that hopped to the woodpile tarp and moved steadily to the top of the light-blue heap. Stasia, with appropriate stealth and admirable patience, moved in closer and closer. As she showed off the shots to my wife Pam, the photographer was clearly very pleased with the results.


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