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A prince of nature's church

August 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Lobelia cardinalis, a.k.a., the Cardinal Flower, is one of the signature blossoms of nature's midsummer "church." I don't think the glorious red blooms have any particular religious significance to Catholics, but the flowers are definitely the vivid color of the cassocks and headgear worn by the "princes of the Church," as the cardinals are called by the faithful. L. cardinalis flowers also bring to mind the feathering of our own Cardinal, but whatever you see in these blossoms, I always think early August and the very height of the season. The plant typically grows along the edges of wetlands, and I take advantage of any chance to spot one. This particular Cardinal was lording it over the millpond, and one of the main attractions, besides the gorgeous blooms, is the fact that L. cardinalis is a veritable Ruby-throated Hummingbird magnet. None of the birds today, but soon enough. I'll definitely be back.



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