Guess who's coming to dinner?

March 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Grackle, suet, HomeGrackle, suet, Home

The sun came out grudgingly after the unexpected storm departed, and in its wake was great cross-country skiing, bitter cold, and a steady stream of diners at the Suet Cafe. Most of them belonged to the usual cast of characters but two were newcomers who hadn't put in an appearance this winter. I see Common Grackles, blackbirds that definitely live up to the first part of their name, every time I walk by the dairy farms, but, for once, the commoners came to me. In Richard Crossley's wonderful ID Guide, he notes that the bird's "size, color, facial expression, and pale iris result in a 'bad boy' look." I couldn't have said it better. No sooner did this grackle settle in to sampling our offerings than he looked like he owned the place—and that any "trespassers" better steer clear of "bad boy" territory... or else.


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