Wormless moon

March 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Worm moon, HomeWorm moon, Home

I begin with an apology: despite my stated intention to get outside to go on a daily nature walk, sometimes life gets in the way, and so it was today. Instead of trekking into the natural world, I was either working indoors on stories and photo editing to get everything done early or hiking back and forth in the driveway where I was trying to resurrect a balky generator—no luck, alas. The reason for this increase in frantic industry is the increasingly dire weather forecasts that have us in the cross-hairs of a massive winter storm named Stella. The red Blizzard Warnings are up, and we just may get buried and off the grid. But last night, when I took these photos close to midnight, the Worm Moon was rising peacefully over a stark, white, and decidedly wormless landscape. Last week, there were worms, butterflies, robins, and rising maple sap—along with all sorts of other incipient-spring signs, as the Worm Moon signifies. Today, I'm freezing, filling water jugs, filing articles, charging batteries, and hoping that the power, when it inevitably goes off during the more powerful gale, returns quickly. Worm moon, HomeWorm moon, Home


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