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Oriole antics

May 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Oriole, Sigma, HomeOriole, Sigma, Home

There are few bird calls more beautiful than the sweet whistles of the Baltimore Oriole, and there are few birds more exquisite to behold. But while I hear them several times a day right outside our kitchen door, I almost never spot an oriole, which tends to sing from hidden places high in the tree canopy. This morning, however, I heard one of crooners holding forth from a spot in the woods that seemed to be much lower than usual and, armed with the Sigma supertelephoto, I sallied forth to, no doubt, be frustrated once again. The Oriole had other plans, and as I zeroed in on the approximate location of the singer, it dropped out of the leaves, perched just above my head, and started to put on a dazzling show that featured wonderful vocals and all the right moves.


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