Second attempt

March 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I doubt that any of the Wood Frogs attending tonight's warmer-weather orgy had any idea of just how wrong things went for the batrachians that tried to breed exceedingly early when ridiculous true warmth—albeit very temporary true warmth—visited us in late February. I found the clusters of eggs that they'd deposited during those halcyon nights, but every single one, as near as I could determine, had died during the incredible cold that took over in March. With the daytime temperature now nudging the 50s and staying above 40 in the evening, the WFs are back in the mating business, and the result is a new round of egg laying. The black and white collection on the right is the way WF eggs look when they've just left the female's body; a while later, the eggs darken—basic black is the best color for absorbing heat and sunlight—and the surrounding protective jelly takes on water and expands. If winter weather stays away, the second breeding time will be charmed.


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