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In the swim

July 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Mea culpa... I should probably stop featuring my granddaughter in these posts and get back to writing about natural history, but... but... there are days when we're so busy, to stay nothing besides washed out from the omnipresent heat and humidity, that a bona fide nature walk is just too much to handle. In fact, the only thing that is handleable is a quick ride to Amos Lake and a late afternoon dunk in the cool and refreshing lake water. I did look for natural things to photograph at Amos but, truth be completely told, I was also in the water serving as a destination that Stasia could swim towards. She's actually becoming a pretty competent swimmer, well, at least, dog-paddler. It's a start, and on a torrid afternoon when even the natural world is in a state of torpor, it's a fine way to beat the heat.


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